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Mid 2006 / model number A1181 / black or white case / 1.83 or 2.0 GHz Intel Core Duo processor.

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Will the black MacBook Core Duo be collectible in the future?

i am told that my travel buddy (a core duo black MacBook) is a unique device because it was on the market only for a couple of months and that almost nobody bought the black option in 2006 because you had to pay 150$ more for just a black casing, and i am wondering if this person is right or wrong? My black MacBook is fully operational with a original apple battery with 98.2 percent overall health. Anyone that can help me out? And yes i know its old, so don’t bother telling me this, i do not want to upgrade, i have a Mac Pro 5,1 as a main computer ;)

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But it’s young in heart! ;-}

Someone who collects Apple gear might find it desirable, but the condition will have a great bearing on its worth.

One thats still in its original packaging and never used will have the greatest value from there it drops quickly! If you have blemishes or worn surfaces that will reduce its value and of course having the original RAM & HDD and still running with its original OS-X 10.4.6 it came with will be desired.

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Well, the condition isn't flawless but it looks nice enough, just a top case swap because the trackpad is worn down quite a bit and the edges are ugly :) but the main computer unit itself looks very nice indeed and i have the original tiger cd that came with this unit, the box is long gone (basements and boxes are not best friends). I still have the original hard drive and ram (somewhere) lying around. The only thing that is busted on it is the superdrive (who uses cd's these days anyway) :p

I hold on to my lil friend because its gots my back in different moments in my life, i retired it once for a macbook air 11" and a macbook pro 15", but i missed my lil fellow so i sold both of those ugly gray ones and gave my old friend a go and it just felt right ;)


If you're not using it put back the Optical drive and the original drive with OS-X Tiger. If you can replace the trackpad. The more it looks as it was the better!


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