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Oral B pro toothbrush humming but not moving the brush spindle.

Battery is fine. Have cleaned the whole brush and casing. When the button is pressed, the motor starts but this does not result in the spindle that operates the brush moving.

Cannot see any obvious breaks. How do I check the connection of the spindle to the motor?



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Can you gently turn the spindle by hand to see if it moves or even if it starts to turn by itself (if the power is switched on) once you try to turn it?

You don’t say the model number of the toothbrush but looking at the image at Step.12 in the ifixit Reemplazo del motor Oral-B Black 7000 guide, the spindle appears to be the rotor part of the motor itself, so it may be the same in your model.

If it is humming but not turning it may be that there is not enough power to initially start the motor rotating or the spindle is jammed somehow.

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Thanks for your quick reply.

Model: oral b professional

The spindle is immobile. The brush is fully charged and I've tried a new brush head, but no luck.

Looks like I'll have to find someone to repair this as I don't solder and I don't want to just throw it away.


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Thank you, this was very useful.

Tried this part " turn the spindle by hand to see if it moves or even if it starts to turn by itself (if the power is switched on) once you try to turn it?" and it worked started spinning and good to go. My model is pro-500 :)

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I tried all of the above, I believe the soaking in hot water helped but it still wouldn't vibrate and I didn't have enough finger strength to turn it sufficiently, I finally gave the metal a little twist with a pair of pliers and it loosened it up and it started to vibrate, a couple of squirts of WD40 down the metal shaft and its working like new. Triumph pro model

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Thanks a lot, it worked.

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Motor in mine sounds and feels strong insied the case, humming nicely, and I can even hear it going through the cycles (two-minute intervals and so on). Hot water seems to have helped the parts inside to move, each time I've tried it (including speeding up the (movement of the motor, for example), but I can't turn the spindle, either with my hand or a pliers (though I'm reluctant to use a lot of force) but nothing seem to loosen it. Clearly, I don't need a new battery, but short of opening the case, I don't know what else to do. Ideas? Many thanks.

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Hi - this happened to me. I took a pair of pliers and realigned the metal rod part. Now it works like a charm!

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I tried that, several times, without success. Thank you very much, anyway, Dan Foley.

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