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Budget laptop released in late 2016 identifiable by the model number, N16Q2 found on the bottom of the laptop.

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Reattach plastic for hinges

I actually have the e5-575-33bm model, but the 5493 was the closest on the list .

The plastic holding the hinges broke (2 year old got to the laptop) and I tried loctite superglue (not the epoxy) which didn’t work very long. I want to do it right this time.

Is the epoxy the way to go? I’m worried it’s a resin, so it will break over time. Has anyone used this successfully? I did some searching online for good ways to attach 2 pieces of plastic and saw several sites suggest solvent based bonding and using something like PVC cement, but said it’s dependent on the type of plastics. Does anyone know if this would work on this case? Or something similar that would work for the acer case? Or any other method that may work for the long term?

Thanks for reading!

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Hi @dlott91

you can consider below...

I had tried aradite rapid and there are some success on certain laptop cases.

ensure the area is clean before applying the epoxy mix...

allow time to cure, more than 24 hours and clamp securely if possible.

use after it is fully cured.

- de

Try devcon plastic weld

- de

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This is very overdue, but better late than never.

Both resin and DevCon did not work for very long (<20 uses over a couple weeks). I am not 100% sure I received real DevCon plastic weld since I ordered online, but what I did try did not work long.

For every screw hole that ripped off, I ended up drilling holes with a 3/32 drill bit through the laptop lid, and using M2.5 screws and nuts. It’s ugly, and I have to be careful not to scratch anything because of the hard bits of metal on the laptop lid, but the laptop is usable.

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Hi @dlott91 ,

Where is the plastic broken. in the lid or the bottom case?

If it is in the bottom case it might be better in the long term to replace the bottom case -example only

If it is the lid, I cannot find a lid specific to your model (or even just an E5 575) where the price is not exorbitant. You may have better luck.

If you do decide to go for a replacement, here’s a video that shows how to replace the hinges that may be of some help.

As an aside you may find this link to be of interest.

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Thanks for the link! That is definitely what I need once I fix the plastic. Unfortunately, the lid is the issue, so I need to solve that problem first

- de

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