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La primera generación del Nissan Murano se presentó en forma de producción para el año modelo 2003 en el 2002 New York International Auto Show.

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Why did all transmission fluid run out of car

I was driving and all the transmission fluid ran out from under my car

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2005 nissan murano

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Usually with a sudden loss of trans fluid, you want to check the transmission cooling connections as these hoses often crack and leak, or something kicked up from road and punctured hose as they are exposed under car, depending on which motor. It is easy to see where leak is when examining hose connections to cooler, or cooler can also leak.

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The 3 Most Common Leaks

Although there are multiple places on a vehicle where transmission fluid can leak, the 3 most common include:

  1. Pan gasket
  2. Cooler lines
  3. Output, tail, or torque converter seal

A few other sources of leaks that are not as common include a rusted trans pan, damaged torque converter, external sensor housing, tail housing gasket, side cover gasket, filler tube, cracked case, etc.   These are not typically as common, unless you are driving an older Ford Taurus with the AX4N or AX4S transmission, as these are notorious for grooved torque converters which will cause excessive fluid leaks.

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A sudden loss of transmission fluid usually ends up with something from the road you hit which punctured the aluminum pan, seen it a hundred times, so you have to get under vehicle to examine. Blown seals usually leak slowly, but above all, do not try to drive vehicle with no fluid or even low fluid, especially Nissans for they have very problematic issues with even low fluid failures.

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Unless you hit a rock or some object which punctured your aluminum transmission or pan, the only other reason would be the transmission fluid cooler which has inlets and outlet tubes which often leak with age. So if you see trans oil under vehicle more than a small puddle every time you park, then it is something to check to see where trans fluid is coming from. Do not drive without fluid or your transmission will be shot and destroyed.

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