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Portátiles fabricados por la empresa china Huawei.

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Can you change/expand the memory on the Huawei Matebook x Pro?

The question is simple as the title. How easy is it to change the memory on the Matebook, and how would one do it if possible?

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Don’t know the answer but here’s a video that shows the teardown of the laptop.

It appears that the memory is mounted directly onto the motherboard. (4 chips just below the CPU). The SSD (LITE-ON brand), is on the lower left side when viewing the video .

I don’t think that it would be a very easy task to increase the memory. You’d have to unsolder the chips and then source and replace them with 4 physically and electrically compatible larger capacity chips. Also don’t know what software may have to be changed to detect the increased memory.

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Quantum Leap  looks like Huawei is following others. The memory is soldered to the board. So what you buy is what you get.

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