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The PowerBook 170 was released by Apple Inc. in 1991 along with the PowerBook 100 and the PowerBook 140. Identical in form factor to the 140, it was the high end of the original PowerBook line featuring a faster 25 MHz Motorola 68030 processor with Floating point unit (FPU) and a more expensive and significantly better quality 10 in (250 mm) active matrix display. It was replaced by the PowerBook 180 in 1992.

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How do I connect a external display to a PowerBook 170?

Do I use the HDI-30 port?

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Your systems specs: PowerBook 160

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Sadly, you’re between a rock and a hard place ;-{

Apple never offered external monitor support for the older B&W displayed Powerbooks. There was a company that made a SCSI (HDI-30) to composite video device but it was a flop!

Here’s your systems ports

Block Image

Apple updated the 160 with color with the intro of the 165 which offered a Mini-15 display interface. I don’t think you can find the needed cable for it.

And here’s the 165c ports

Block Image

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@danj I found them (but it's a hard find), but I made a mistake and assumed it supports it like the 170/180. The Vid14 cable is sold under M3927LL/A. I'm not surprised it flopped since composite is less then ideal, but that was it outside of not having a second display.

I did some research on it, and Apple had FCC compliance issues at the time more then once. They had to recall the Apple III because they had trouble with the original. It's more of an issue on the desktops then portables.

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@nick - This is the correct cable its Mini-15 to DB15 which can then plug in a VGA adapter Video Cable. Back then NEC & Sony where using the DB15 connector which predates the VGA standard.

The composite video adapter was by a 3rd party not Apple!

I don't know where you got the idea Apple had FCC issues I never heard of any for the PowerBook's. I had both a 165c and a 180 and never had any problems.

The Apple III was a flop for many reasons. Frankly, I used an Apple II at the time and just didn't see the benefit of upgrading.

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