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Release February 2011, identified by model number ELPH 300 HS - BD.

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lens keeps stopping and not going in or out

Hello, I actually have a Canon PowerShot ELPH 360 and after an accidental drop, the lens will not always go in or out….how can I get this fixed?

Can I fix it myself??

Thank you for any help

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Also it says Lens Error, and won't close


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Your lens assembly slides within the two or three helical tubes that screw in and out to extend the Lens forward. Either the tubes have jumped their slots or the lens assembly has.

You will need to find the service manual or find a camera repair shop that can take the assembly apart to fix, it also may need some replacement parts if they are damaged.

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check on here for some ideas on how to unstick it. If none of those work consider replacing your lens assembly. Repairs of the assembly are very tough due to the lack of spare parts. To replace the lens assembly use this guide Canon PowerShot ELPH 300HS Lens Zoom Unit Replacement Replacements are available at places like ebay for no more than $20USD

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