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Released on July 28th, 2017, the New Nintendo 2DS XL is a handheld gaming console succeeding the Nintendo 2DS.

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New 2ds XL top screen is dim?

So I had my 2ds XL for 2 years now and I had no problems with it until this March when the console had a dim shadow on the top left corner of the top screen. I noticed that it wouldn’t turn on anymore and the blue light would go out with a popping noise. Sometimes I would get lucky and it would turn on no problems except for that dim shadow. Just recently I was looking through some things in my 2ds and the shadow completely disappeared! For a few seconds that is… I tried to figure out what caused the shadow to go away but I found nothing. The screen is totally visible even the dimmer part of the screen. I believe it’s the back lights of the LCD screen that’s causing this issue? Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Shiny Flygon  possibly defective backlight on the screen. Replacing the screen should fix this. New Nintendo 2DS XL Top Screen Replacement

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