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Sucesor de la PowerShot G7 X, la Mark II fue lanzada como modelo insignia de Canon en 2016.

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Canon G7x 2 turns on but screen is completely black. No picture.


I have a canon G7x mark 2 that was working perfectly fine today for about 2 mins before it went to !&&*. I turned the camera on and it was fine before the camera seemingly “turned off”. When I pressed the power button to turn it back on the camera powered up as usually but the screen was completely black. There was no indication that the screen was even connected to a power source. The LCD screen looks as it would if the camera is off. No background glow, no error message displayed. Just a black screen. Everything else works, sounds, buttons, battery is fully charged. I do not understand what caused this as I said the camera was completely fine before it randomly went into this mode. The battery is new so it can’t be this. I already opened a support ticket but I just want to see if anyone has any advice here before I ship my camera off. My birthday is on Saturday and I’m going away on a trip which I expected I’d have a camera with me for. Any suggestions are appreciated! Thanks in advance.

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mine is having the same problem but i can see all the menu screens it just doesn’t show the display or let me capture photos and record. any suggestions?

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Did you ever end up replacing your LCD screen or getting it fixed? Mine just started doing this but I’m wondering if it’s even worth fixing (how much did it cost if so?) or just upgrading and get a new camera?

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Can you view the menu screens in the camera's LCD screen?

If possible, try taking a picture (I realize that you cannot "see" what you are taking) and download it to a computer.

If there is a good picture then there is a problem with the camera's LCD screen.

If there is a just a black picture then there is a problem with either the camera's image sensor or the motherboard or both.

Update (06/21/2019)

Hi @callmecallie ,

It could be a loose connection or a faulty LCD screen.

Use a torch held at an angle close to the screen to check if you can detect an image at all when viewing a picture. If you can there is a backlight problem either in the screen or in the motherboard.

If this is the case check the smaller cable that connects to the screen as this is the backlight power supply cable. If it is OK then the screen will have to be replaced anyway as they cannot be repaired for this problem

Here's a link to the ifixit PowerShot G7 X Mark II LCD Screen Replacement guide, which should help to gain access to the screen so that you can check its’ connection to the motherboard. If that appears to be OK the screen probably needs to be replaced.

Replacement LCD screen -example only are available online. Just search for Canon Powershot G7X Mark II LCD screen to get results for suppliers of the part.

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Hi Jayeff,

Thank you for replying back to my question! I am able to still take photos on the camera and can even connect my camera to my iPhone and use it as a way to see what I’m photographing. If I take a random photo of something and then connect my camera to say my notebook or phone the images are clear as day. I think you’re right. I think the LCD is ruined and needs to be replaced because it seems everything else is working fine. I just can’t see anything on the LCD. I think it’s just burnt out...

- de

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