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refrigerator is not cooling Maytag MFI2568AES

My cooling /freezing is not working. Not sure if there was a power outage or refrig door left open. Its not resettling????

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Cause 1

Condenser Coils are Dirty

The condenser coils are usually located under the refrigerator. They dissipate heat as refrigerant passes through them. If the condenser coils are dirty, they won’t dissipate the heat effectively. As debris builds up on the coils, the refrigerator becomes less efficient, causing the refrigerator to work harder to cool down. If the coils are significantly dirty, the refrigerator will not be able to maintain the proper temperature. Check the condenser coils to determine if they are dirty—if the condenser coils are dirty, clean them.

Cause 2

Condenser Fan Motor

The condenser fan motor draws air though the condenser coils and over the compressor. If the condenser fan motor is not working properly, the refrigerator won’t cool properly. To determine if the fan motor is defective, first check the fan blade for obstructions. Next, try turning the fan motor blade by hand. If the blade does not spin freely, replace the condenser fan motor. If no obstructions are present and the fan blade spins freely, use a multimeter to test the fan motor for continuity. If the condenser fan motor does not have continuity, replace it.

Cause 3

Evaporator Fan Motor

The evaporator fan motor draws air over the evaporator (cooling) coils and circulates it throughout the refrigerator and freezer compartments. Some refrigerators have more than one evaporator fan motor. On refrigerators with only one evaporator, the evaporator is located in the freezer compartment. If the evaporator fan is not working, it will not circulate the cold air to the refrigerator compartment. If this occurs, the freezer may still get cold, while the refrigerator will not get cold. To determine if the evaporator fan motor is defective, try turning the fan blade by hand. If the fan blade does not turn freely, replace the fan motor. Additionally, if the motor is unusually noisy, replace it. Finally, if the motor does not run at all, use a multimeter to test the motor windings for continuity. If the windings do not have continuity, replace the evaporator fan motor.

Cause 4


The compressor is a pump which compresses the refrigerant and circulates the refrigerant through the evaporator and condenser coils. If the compressor is not working, the refrigerator won’t cool. However, this is rarely the case. Before replacing the compressor, first check all of the more commonly defective parts. If you have determined that all of the other components are working properly, check the compressor. Use a multimeter to test the continuity between the electrical pins on the side of the compressor. If there is an open circuit, the compressor is likely defective. If the compressor is defective, it must be replaced by a licensed technician.

Cause 5

Main Control Board

The main control board might be defective. However, this is almost never the cause. Before replacing the main control board, test all of more commonly defective parts. If none of the other components are defective, consider replacing the main control board.

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Thank you for troubleshooting process. Tried all items at they indicate all pieces are working. Ran diagnostic from fridge display, also all fans and compressor seem to work. But, fridge and freezer just keeping cool, not cold or freezing. Came on suddenly after sone hot weather.

- de

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Hi @bcpapa

Is the compressor hot or too hot to the touch? Is it running continually trying to achieve the set temps?

Is the evaporator unit inside the freezer compartment (behind a panel) icy cold or even iced up at all?

I know that you said that “all fans…. seem to work.”, does this mean the evaporator fan as well, not just the condenser fan? The evap fan will stop when a door is open and start again when the door is shut (either door) and will run as long as the compressor is running, so perhaps you can hear it stop and start by opening and closing a door to verify. The condenser fan can run regardless of the doors being open or shut

Are there any oil residues below the compressor or on/below the condenser coils?

Oil residues may indicate a leak of refrigerant from the sealed system. Not having the correct amount of refrigerant makes for higher temps. There is a special oil mixed in with the refrigerant to lubricate the compressor. If there is a leak the refrigerant will escape to the air undetected but the oil will leave a trace.

You may need to get a licenced repairer to test the high/low pressures in the sealed system to see what and where the problem is.

Depending on your location a licenced repairer may be necessary due to the environmental regulations regarding the handling of refrigerant gases. Where I am you cannot even buy refrigerant gas if you need to recharge a refrigerator’s sealed system for whatever reason, without the specified licence.

What is the model number of the refrigerator?

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