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La actualización de marzo de 2015 de la pantalla Retina MacBook Pro de 13" de Apple, modelo A1502, presenta procesadores Intel Core i5 e i7 de quinta generación e introduce el trackpad Force Touch.

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What’s this chip burnt on an A1502

Hi. I have MacBook Pro A1502.

Can see this chip burnt out could someone tell me what component it is?

Block Image

Thank you you for any help

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That’s ot an IC, it appears to be a capacitor of some kind. It’s probably to help regulate the backlight controller. Is your display bad, because you can just order a replacement on iFixit. Otherwise I wouldn’t worry about it.

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It’s an inductor for the 1.5V S0 Rail which means there is probably a short along that line as that has blown. Replacing that inductor will not fix the problem as you’ll need to find out why it blew up in the first place.

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