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La línea de ordenadores portátiles de Apple para usuarios profesionales y avanzados. Hasta la fecha, la línea MacBook Pro incluye variantes de 13, 15, 16 y 17 pulgadas, con las principales revisiones definidas por diseños de unibody, pantalla Retina y Touch Bar.

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LCD Lid Back Cover Replacement

I have a late 2013 MacBook Pro Retina. It has a dent in the side of the casing surrounding the LCD. So essentially the LCD lid. I would like to just replace this but cannot find a part number or even the correct part name to call it to refine my search. The LCD functions fine it just has the small dent in it which drives me crazy. See the pic.

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Unless you want to replace the full screen assembly you’ll have to live with the dent. Retina screen is firmly glued to the aluminium frame and chances it will break during removal unless you’re a quite experienced refurbisher are very close to 99%.

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Agreed. As I said, it's best to take it to a technician.

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Apple keeps all of their parts and product information under wraps (yes, this even applies to the shells and cases), so you're not going to find anything online without the Dark Web. It's best to take it to a licensed Apple technician to get it repaired, since they are the only ones who can actually manage to acquire parts legally.

Good luck.

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