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Modelo A1320 / 8 o 16 GB de capacidad

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Trusted website? Original mAh rating of battery?

Would any of you guys trust this website?

Also, does anyone know the power consumption rate of the Nano 5, and how big the original battery is?

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This soldering job appears to be a pretty easy one, you just need the right tools. From what I’ve seen of you, you’re ready to attempt this repair, just practice with the iron for a few minutes before getting into the Pod:

Soldering Iron 60w Hakko 503F

Imagen de Soldering Iron 60w Hakko 503F


Soldering Iron 60w Hakko 503F


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"[...] From what I've seen of you?"

What do you mean?

- de

@jessica_fawkes As a moderator, I've read all of your answers.

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iFixit offer the battery as well iPod nano (5th Gen) Battery The battery is 250 mAh. The only issue is LiOn batteries can’t be shipped by air so you may have issues getting the battery where you live.

Here’s the iFixit guide to replace it Reemplazo de batería de iPod nano de 5ta generación

Imagen de iPod nano (5th Gen) Battery


iPod nano (5th Gen) Battery


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I can't solder, though...

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Ouch! Do you have a friend who has a small pencil soldering iron? Maybe they can help you. Apple didn't make it easy, sorry.

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@danj She lives in Virginia. I get batteries from iFixit all the time, they just take a week to get here.

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@mayer - I didn't check her name card so I didn't know where she lived. Yes, getting the battery is the easy part.

This model of iPod uses a soldered connection for the battery which is what her problem is now.

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