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Created February 2018 for Dell Inspiron 13-7359

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I need to know which part from screen should I replace?

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I have black areas inside the screen after i drop it … The outter glass is okay and the touch works well

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Replace the LCD panel. The black is the cracked LCD. But if your screen is laminated (if there is an obvious gap between the display and the glass) you need to get the LCD with the glass on it.

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Small question please whats the meaning of ... (LCD Touch Screen Digitizer Assembly Bezel) is this what we looking for?

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That is the outer glass layer, you should be looking for the display element which is the LCD.

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Use this screen replacement guide up to step 13 to only remove the LCD: Dell Inspiron 13-7359 Screen Replacement

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Oftentimes you can buy the assembly for not much more and save a lot of trouble, but it's very laptop dependent - my E6440 (Latitude) was $4 more to buy the whole assembly, which likely came from a unrepairable laptop or a BIOS locked one. I didn't scrap the assembly, but I did remove the broken screen from it.

But in the end, I got an HD+ 900p panel from my original 768p setup (it's the LVDS version, so the upgrade isn't as easy since you need to replace the cable as well). I did go from w/o webcam to w/ webcam (taped immediately). I never worked on one of these yet, but I am thinking it's eDP only since it's too new to be a transition.

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