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OWC vs iFixit Batteries: Which is better?

When you can no longer buy a battery from Apple, which is the best source, OWC or iFixit? I found mixed messages on the web shown below, so I’m not sure.

Concerns about iFixit: Posts from around the Web

Concerns about OWC

  • OWC, you've lost me. This is a long thread in 2014. The gist is that somebody who used to be happy with OWC had a bad experience with a replacement battery.

Concerns about iFixit and OWC

  • '''User''' '''JPack''' in the March 3, 2018 post above, says that the only place you can buy an OEM battery outside of Apple is from Rewa. He says, “You're wasting your time (and money) with iFixit, OWC, and B&H. They're often selling B-grade batteries that have been rejected. Hence your 65% -> 7% experience. You might as well buy from AliExpress as the sellers source the same B-grade batteries.”

Positive Posts about OWC

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Do keep in mind no one sells a OEM battery! Apple does not allow its suppliers to sell batteries or parts outside of them.

What you can encounter is internal parts stripped from a working system and resold as OEM parts which they are! But! Batteries from stripped systems are very rare! The demand is too great and besides I would be concerned if the battery was removed properly without damaging it in the process so I wouldn't be so quick to buy a stripped system battery.

Only Apple installs OEM batteries as they have the access unlike 3rd party repair centers or directly to you via iFixit or other seller of parts.

One of the action items with in the Right to Repair movement is the ability to get parts directly from the makers so they then are truly OEM.

The 'right to repair' movement wants you to be able to fix your own stuff

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What do you think about the poster’s comments about buying directly from Rewa. Do you think those are OEM?

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I don't see how.

Apple has their suppliers locked in with contracts and if they are found to have sold parts through the back door they will loose the contract. Don't forget Apple is very watchful on not letting parts out unless they sell them as part of the repair.

If you are so keen on having a REAL Apple battery I think you'll need to setup an appointment with Apple at one of the Apple Stores or authorized service centers.

Or... Get what you think is the best choice for you of the 3rd parties.

Again, there is no such thing as a 3rd party OEM battery, only one that meets the same specifications as the original battery. Review the iFixit part info MacBook Pro 15" Retina (Mid 2012-Early 2013) Battery

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I agree with @danj , some suppliers, especially chinese ones, are very easy in adding OEM or "genuine" to their spares. If one has enough technical knowledge te tell the difference usually ends up discovering there's absolutely nothing genuine, original or OEM in what has been delivered. Sometimes the outer shell looks perfect though..

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I came across this YouTube vid Real or Fake? Trying to Replace my iPhone Battery in Shenzhen, China. While its about an iPhone battery you might find it humorous when he visits the market where the vendors apply all sorts of labels on the batteries they sell including the Apple Logo! Which is not legal as they are not original parts from or for Apple!

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While all of these comments you have posted have value, I would say every supplier encounters bad batteries. Unless you know the number sold and failed its hard to know if one vendor is having more or less an issue. It's also important to know different batteries can often come from different suppliers so a given version of battery might have a higher failure than another.

The bigger question is how they respond when it happens as well as the ability of the battery to run as long as the original battery did. iFixit's quality policy is quite good Quality Parts.

Update (03/17/23)

When I answered back in 2019 Apple was still holding its cards tightly!

Last year the grip has loosened! You can now get replacement batteries and parts from Apple! There is still a rub! Only the newer M series systems are being served.

Review their web site Apple Self Service

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I bought from all of them, most were good some were not. So it really comes down to the warranty. For that I will go with iFixit.

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Absolutely agree with @mayer ..after sales support is what makes the difference. There seem to be no consistent OEM quality batteries supplier out there..major Apple suppliers for years nowadays kick in the market B/C grade batteries , showing all sorts of issues. When reputable suppliers/manufacturers start leaking into the market such awful products nobody can be really sure of anything..I believe bigger retailers as iFixit or OWC suffer from this as much as end buyers, despite the fact they have big volumes to trade in. It’s hard to give any advice besides choosing well the seller who takes responsibility for its products.

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