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Lanzada en USA y Europa el 28 de Julio de 2017, la Nintendo 2DS XL es una consola portátil de la familia de la 3DS XL.

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My Nintendo 2DS XL got damaged, and it has dead pixels spreading.

My brother was playing with the console and he dropped it. In the beginning, it only had a very small and unnoticeable white line at the top left corner of the screen, we paid no attention to it. A week later, my brother boots the console up and he sees the most horrendous and huge black splotch in the middle of the screen. There were also many white lines and more splotches, but not as big as the first one. The dead pixels were spreading, and I am concerned that soon, the screen will become unusable due to the black marks. Could you point me towards a repair service or tell me how to fix it myself? Thanks.

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Thank you, Chase Ice, this really helped!

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I'm glad! I hope it goes well for you!

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iFixit has a guide for replacing the top screen, after a cursory read through it looks to be a little challenging as Nintendo applied glue liberally throughout the device so do be careful.

New Nintendo 2DS XL Top Screen Replacement

If you do not want to follow the guide and your DS is out of warranty I know in my area local computer shops are capable of fixing hand held devices like that. If your device is still in warranty either contact the store you bought it from or go to Nintendo’s warranty site.

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The same thing happened to me, I dropped my 2ds xl and the screen had purple marks on it. It wasn't that bad, so I ignored it. A few days later, I was playing acnl when I closed the console so I could bring it to my room. I arrived, opened the 2ds,and there was 3 huge black circles on my screen I was horrified. I'm planing on buying the more durable new 3ds xl and transforming my system data over, so I still have all my games, and the device has a smaller chance of breaking, so I recommend u buy a new 3ds xl because those are less likely to break, if u don't have the money buy a used one, those are most of the time cheaper. And just transform the system data over, if u don't do it soon, the screen will be unusable. Hope this helped!

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Thank you for the suggestion! I've got my eye on a few used Nintendo consoles.

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)replace The screen by sending to a guy. Who fixes stuff (ONLY people you trust).

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