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I plugged in wrong voltage supply and the dreamcast got burnt.

I plugged in wrong voltage supply and the dreamcast got burnt. How can I repair it ?

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What do you mean when you say it got "burnt"? Please add an image showing the damage

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I don't have the device right now. I plugged in a 220v adapter and a burnt smell came out.

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Ok then before you do anything you should open it up to see if there is any phisical damage. Try to get the device and open it.

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I haven't opened it. Do you think anyone can repair it ?

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You could look up online for a repair shop near you. Sega® has ceased support for the Sega Dreamcast. Before you do that, however, I would open it up to check to see if there actually is damage.

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I would try opening it up and check around the area where the power supply is located.

This guide covers the opening process:

Replacing Sega Dreamcast Power Block (Power Supply)

You will most likely find a burned component in the power supply board. If you own or have access to a soldering iron, you could try replacing the damaged components. Alternatively, could buy a new US Dreamcast power supply on eBay for around 20 dollars and replace it with the faulty one.

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It can turn on but can’t read disc. Is it wrong with the power supply or the main board ?

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This may be because it is a NTSC system. If you try to run PAL based video games it wont run. You will need a NTSC game for a NTSC system otherwise it will not accept the discs.

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