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The Hp Notebook 15-ba018ds is a touchscreen capable laptop equipped with Windows 10 operating system. It is 16 x 10 x 3 inches when closed and weighs 4.83lbs.

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Why does the screen turn foggy and inoperable

Screen suddenly turns foggy; cursor is a large plus sign, but ineffective unless the Windows key on keyboard is used to bring up start panel. I have not learned a sure way to get my working screen usable.

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My device is an "HP 15 Notebook PC''; was not listed among devices to choose from.


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Hi @dollydragon ,

Check if the clicklock feature has been enabled in the laptop.

Update (04/23/2019)

Hi @dollydragon ,

There was a new feature introduced in Win 10 recently where if you press the Windows key + shift key + s key (3 keys together) it allows you to select and copy automatically to the clipboard anything on the screen. You drag the cursor, (which is a large + sign) around to suit the size of the screen that you wish to copy.

You then can "paste" it where you like in any document etc.

Is this what is happening on the screen?

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jayeff, clicklock is not enabled. Should it be? I don't always get the mouse pad to copy and paste. . .sometimes have to repeat several times. But maybe because I tend to not use the two little independent keys. On my Chromebook my mouse was only the pad, nothing else.


Hi @dollydragon ,

Clicklock should only be enabled if you wish to use the feature.

What is the full model number of your PC? (should be on a label on the back or underside of the case)

What OS is installed in the laptop?

Does the problem occur only when using a particular program or it doesn't matter what you are doing?


Thank you @jayeff; I appreciate your time and interest in helping.

Clicklock was off when I checked it. Did not turn it on.

Model # 15-1233wm

Windows 10 Home

Version 1803

It happens when I am typing a document or working on emails; I don't do much else. I am using Google Chrome for email and documents.


YES! I just tried it. . .that is it! Thank you. Woohoo, now I can get it turned off .

So, the keyboard is too sensitive for my touch; surely I can find a way to change that setting!

So appreciate your help.


Hi @dollydragon ,

This link may be of some help

Either that or just click on the x in the box at the top of the screen when the "copy" feature is on


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