Kenmore Fridge Randomly Shutting Off & Turning Back On

I have a Kenmore Elite Fridge. Model 596.78576803

The past few weeks, it’s been randomly shutting off (no cooling, no noise, no lights, no LED temp displays) a couple times a week. We can fix it 100% of the time by just opening the fridge and waiting about 5 seconds and everything will come back on and it begins to cool. Our fear is that if we don’t open the fridge, it’ll just stay off and all our food will go bad. Any suggestions on what might be wrong?

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Hi @gsexton89 ,

The no lights may be a clue.

To me this indicates no power in or to the fridge.

Other functions may fail e.g. auto defrost, fans, temp displays etc but usually the lights (unless it is a faulty globe or door switch) will work regardless of other problems. (The door switch can turn off the evaporator fan as well as the lights but shouldn't affect the temp lights or the compressor)

Initially I thought that it may not be restarting after an auto defrost cycle but that does not explain the no lights or temp displays

Have you checked that the power cord is plugged securely into the power outlet?

It could also be a loose connection to the control board.

Given that it restarts after opening a door it may be a loose connection somewhere which might be hard to locate if it "reconnects" just by the movement of a door opening.

Just some thoughts.

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