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Samsung's flagship tablet, released in March 2017. Identified by model number SM-T820.

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Tablet-The half of screen has Black-White lines and the other is good


I don’t know for sure how this happened but I can guess it cause of rainy day and the tablet was inside my bag .

I try to fix it with White Rice for 4 days but still not fix it . I don’t try to set it directly on sunlight sun with the rice , would it change something ?

Sometimes all the screen work and sometimes half of it get black-white lines .

when I turn it in Recovery mode - the half of it okay but still there has smash words like something not okay there .

The half of screen has Black-White lines and the other is good.

I would like to hear any suggestion that can help me with this situation.


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I have a Tab S4 and I have never dropped it and or wet my tablet. Tried doing a hard reset but didnt fix my problem. Have only mine for 2 years

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I am currently working on a Tab S4 T830 with the same issue. It belongs to a client of mine. I’ve just put a new display in the device and the problem is still present.[br]


The original LCD had no physical damage but I assumed it had been dropped so i thought a screen replacement would work.

Did anyone find a solution?

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Have you been able to fix the issue? I have the same problem with white lines in half of the screen in a Samsung Tab S6

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I replaced the screen in the one i was working on for my customer - Unfortunately the problem was still present with the new screen - The customer ended up sending it back to Samsung and they replaced the logic board.

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Same thing here… No liquids, no fall…

Galaxy Tab S5E

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First off rice does nothing. Remove the back cover and check around the motherboard for corrosion especially around connectors.

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Which tools I need to open it ?

Do you have video guide to help me to do that ?

Another thing , Do you recommend me to set the device with White Rice in box directly under the sunlight for 30 minute or not to do that ?

Thanks very much for your help .

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You can get pry tools or use a guitar pick. There should be videos on YouTube of how to remove the cover. As for rice never put any devices in rice it doesn't fix liquid damage and the starch can get inside the device.

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When I open this . How am I remove the corrosion arround the connectors ?

do you have picture how should this look like ?


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There are guides on iFixit that will show you how to remove the screen.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Display Replacement

As someone else said, rice doesn’t really do anything besides make a huge mess. To clean corrosion that has built up on connectors use some isopropyl alcohol (at least 90%) and a toothbrush to clean any corrosion from the logic board. Use a hair dryer after brushing the logic board to get rid of any moisture then attempt to connect the screen again. If the problem still exists then there is likely either damage to the logic board or the screen.

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To remove corrosion take a tooth brush and rub it carefully. If your tablet still does’t work then your LCD must be replaced. Before you purchase any parts (if you need to) send a picture of where the corrosion is.

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Do you have Video in youtube that explain how open this tablet and see corrosion on the connectors & clean it ?

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