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Water Damaged - Screen Flickering At Top

Hi Guys,

My friend has an iPhone 7 Plus. He says it’s water damaged.

The phone turns on, but there is a white bar that is about 1cm long and covers the top of the screen that flickeds on and off.

Can this just be fixed with a replacement screen or is this an indication of a deeper problem? Shall I get him to check the water damage indicator inside the phone?

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If it suffered liquid damage first thing is to check the extent of it beyond the initial symptoms, as usually this kind of damage tends to progress with time until the phone just dies out of a sudden. Rather than playing a lottery of buying a new screen I’d recommend to better invest the money into professional care where the phone will be taken apart, decontaminated from liquid residues and damage assessed and taken care properly. It would be somewhat more expensive but would be a real long term solution.

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Sounds like its a screen issue here is the replacement.iPhone 7 Plus Screen

Imagen de iPhone 7 Plus Screen


iPhone 7 Plus Screen


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