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El SanDisk Cruzer Glide es una unidad flash USB con un conector USB retráctil. Viene en una variedad de capacidades de almacenamiento con una caja de plástico negra y roja para todos los modelos.

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Flash drive shows 11 different usb drives

So when I plug in my flash drive windows shows up with 11 different error messages well the error messages are the but they like drive O and drive K and so on some please help

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If you want to format it run in the command promp and right “DISKPART” then right “LIST DISK” then right “SELECT DISK K” that “K” that I rote is not rely what you should right it is just an example so whatever the letter of your flash drive is type that in instead of the K

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Usually you see that when you burn an IMG file onto the flash drive.

You can either delete the partitions manually via disk management which takes ages. Or clear the selected disk (diskpart lists them as disk numbers you can find number in disk management).

In command prompt as administrator you type diskpart then list disk, then select disk X (replace d with number), then type clean and then reinitialise disk in disk management.

This is if you don't need to backup the flash drive.

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