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Loading OS has error


I replaced the hard drive and still a no go so I replaced the unibody cable

I did partion the drive first in 2 partions one for the OS and the 2nd one free

All went well sort of. I did get to the load lion Software

After 30 seconds or so it said there was an error and it took me back to the utility program

I must be close I got to the correct screen. It was the cable because now I can see the hard drive half the time and now I can see the hard drive every time

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Why are you partitioning it? What hard drive did you get? How sure are you that it is backward compatible?

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# Moving forward and getting close. I did get to the load Lion and clicked the button and a no go.

# I had to go into utilities and the terminal and set the date to the current time

# Went to load lion entered my apple info that I got the enter code on this and than I lost the input screen and I could not put in the number it gave me.

# It is amazing you cannot shut off dual authentication ever on a Mac

# The program never got to my apple account because I could not get the number entered

# I am going to try it again tonight and see what happens

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It may be detecting both partitions, and choosing the empty one as boot. Is it important to have the drive partitioned first? Because you could reformat the drive to utilize all of it, install Lion, then partiton the drive.

Good luck!

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Thank you!

I will try it with 1 partition and see what happens. However with the new hard drive nothing is going to happen unless it is partitioned.

I was thinking the OS would go on partition one which I named MAC. There is a selection box there so hopefully I picked the right one from the drop drop down.

Partition 2 I set as free space

I also went to options and picked the first option

Tonight I will give it a shot and restart with the command + option + R key than hit the start button and see what happens

I got it to start to the utilities window by holding the command key than pressing the start button

Chime in any time. I do not want to spend $2,400 for a new Mac Book Pro

Thanks again for taking the time to help me out

- de

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