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The Toshiba Satellite L505 is a 15.6 inch value notebook computer.

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Why is my screen black

A stranger gave me a free Toshiba Satellite L505-S6946, and when I powered it on, the screen appeared to be black.

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nickolaskostyu  interesting background story. Stranger eh? Anyhow, start by connecting an external monitor to this laptop. See what it shows you. If that also remains black then you have most likely an issue with the GPU on this computer.

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what is a GPU?

- de

Hi, thanks for your advice. I hooked up an external monitor and everything’s there as normal. But I can’t get my laptop screen to show that. My laptop screen screen still remains black. I ve tried taking off the battery etc and all other issues like that. Nothing works. But what might have an issue on it…is that before it went crazy I had it connected to the tv on hdmi . So I think the computer still thinks it’s doing that. I’ve pressed the function keys and put “pc screen only” option not duplicate screens etc…. but it doesn’t register. Hope someone can help?

- de

Hi @k. kellogg ,

A GPU is a Graphics Processing Unit.

It handles the video section i.e. processing the video portion of the data and converting it into appropriate signals that is then displayed on the screen

It can either be a separate IC chip or is integrated in with the CPU (Central Processing Unit) on the motherboard or even on a separate board that is connected to the motherboard but that is more usual in a desktop computer than a laptop

- de

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