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The Zebra GK420d is a direct thermal label printer for desktop use.

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Printer is Printing faded labels


I have 2 printers GK420d those are printing faded labels.

Please advise if these can be repaired and how much it will cost?



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are both using the same paper?


Yes, same label stickers


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I don’t have a ton of experience with these kinds of printers but I might tray cleaning it first. I know they make special cards that you can use to clean them. Hopefully that’s all that’s wrong and it will be a quick and easy fix.

I’m sure there are other options as well.

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If it is evenly faded, then you may just need to adjust the darkness setting. It also could be a bad printhead. You can try cleaning it. If one area is faded, try cleaning the printhead. Also, the platen roller could be worn or improperly installed. Download the “Zebra setup utility” from the Zebra website. It will help you in making adjustment to you printer.

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