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Released in February 2009, the AM3 socket is a CPU socket for AMD processors with 941 pin contacts.

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repair cracked/broken socket am 3?replacement part?

DUE TO HEAT MY AM3 SOCKET COVER IS TRASH.I am trying to find replacement part only,if possible?the white plastic cover with lock arm.exactly as shown in photo.

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My PC is oto restart .sir I remove my procer and replesh it but PC not on sir

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You can buy a complete unit online (and just swap out the lid and keep the reballed CPU Socket for another day. You’ll see just how easy it is to remove the lid when you get you new one, but once all the chaff is out of the way, just open the retainer bar 1/2 way and slide it half way out to the left. At that point “Gingerly” pop the latches around the edges (as I said when you get your new one from “ALiExpress”(tm) ) you’ll easily see just what tabs hold the broken lid on and your new one on. Enjoy your DIY experience

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