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Laptop HP Compaq Business lanzado en 2004. Este modelo comparte muchas similitudes con los modelos Compaq lanzados anteriormente. Todas los portátiles usan un procesador Pentium M (solo 32 bits), pero la velocidad varía según su configuración específica.

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How to enable TRIM in Windows XP?

I have an HP nc6000 that never came with a hard drive, which forced me to get creative initially until I could order the correct caddy (eBay find) and do it properly. However, an issue that I’ve always had persists even with the proper mount so there is something wrong with the drive I picked. What will happen is I’ve noticed it clicks in operation, but continues to work. I think it’s a calibration issue at this point, especially considering it came out of a T43 with bent hinges and a destroyed chassis that had CPU hardlock issues.

The issue now is you cannot find new IDE hard drives and many of the ones left are expensive, low capacity or a combination of the two. This is primarily because companies destroy them when they retire these notebooks, even though a wipe will probably be fine and the data is probably no longer relevant to their business. Because of the scarcity of good ones, I need to get creative to get around that issue as well.

One of the options I’ve looked into is doing an M.2 AHCI->IDE conversion using a 128GB SSD. It’s a bit more expensive then M.2->2.5” SATA because you need additional translation hardware (specifically the IDE->SATA bridge from IDE i915 notebooks), but it can be done. However, XP does not support TRIM as far as I know.

Is it possible to make TRIM work on WinXP? The version I have probably doesn’t matter too much, but I have Pro SP3 installed. I never installed any unofficial service packs because I don’t want to muck up compatibility and potentially make an irreversible mess without a wipe and reload. I am running No CD cracks for legally owned games to save my discs and modified files in Sims 2 Double Deluxe because of the 800x600 problem that comes up on 1024x768+ capable displays on some systems in the original SecuROM pressings that’s fixed in the Origin version. Mine was affected by that documented problem, so I had to patch multiple graphics rules files in order to fix it.

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Hi Nick,

You might like to know that I tried to upgrade a DELL Inspiron 6000 (made in 2005!) using a laptop IDE to SATA adapter with a SATA SanDisk 60GB SSD drive. To get it to fit I took the drive out of its case ( circuit board was half size) so it would fit in the drive bay.

Well it worked with Windows 10 32bit but very, very slow. So a success yet a failure.

For TRIM on XP just run one of the software packages on a regular basis.

I also have a Compaq Presario HP-SR1820NX_Athlon 64 3400_1 Core_2.21GHz desktop with XP Pro which I use for an old, very high resolution, flatbed scanner with no W7 or W10 drivers.

It has a SATA 1.5 controller with connected SSD.

To make a long story short - XP Pro is very finicky after years of W7 and W10!!!!

Recently did MS's POSReady security updates for XP and it reduced system Windows Explorer to a crawl - screen, refreshes, openning drive folder, etc. retore back to previous and O.K. now.

But hey, the scanner is amazing for old photos, etc.!

Good news: I recently got the Dell Inspiron 6000 upgraded to a SSD drive with very good results by using the following components:

1.) Kingston 120G SSDNOW UV500 MSATA

2.) CY mSATA Mini PCI-E SATA SSD to 2.5 Inch IDE 44pin Notebook Laptop Hard Disk Enclosure.

It now gives my 2014 Acer E 14 (ES1-411-C1WD), with an Intel Celeron N2940 1.8GHz  4 Cores 4 Threads, a run for its money! Windows 10 x32 now works well on it.

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@aactech Yet another reason to stay at SP3 and no POSReady updates other than knowing NoCD patches will always work.

And yeah I had one of those XP/Vista scanners. I ended up scrapping it at the time because I didn't have a dedicated XP machine and VMs are a pain for legacy hardware. If I had the nc6000 then I'd still have it. Yeah, it was USB but I chose a system with legacy ports for the day I need to use it. I have some legacy port equipment, but it's within the transition period and also includes USB.

- de

".......Enclosure" ? One of these sort of brackets coverters for around 8 euro's , you meen ? I kinda did the opposite. Ordering one of these, for about eight euro's then discovering the small size of the acctual ssd, canceled, ordered a cheep one for less then two euro, wich i thought wouldn't fit, and wasn't disapointed one bit. (after finding out the hdd in it had small pin adapter on it as well, i could just put on the ssd , and stick it in}. Can't imagine any other converter could do a better job

- de

@G Wijnsma

Look up this one:


It looks just like an SSD. I tried others but they were much slower.

- de

Seems like i exaggerated a bit, in how little i payed for it , i used this one

Read speed went from about 20 mbp/s to around 80, so improvement, but not making use of full ide capabilities which is around 133 m/bps, if i remember correctly. Access timings i don't know how to measure, but is also a major factor (just in case). Put same sort of ssd in a sata 2 pc, so, that is without a converter, and that also was about under 50 mbp/s of the maximum that it is capable. So al in al, if converter is slowing it down, can't be much it seems to me (percentage wise it only is a bit more loss then the sata pc). and also in some cases it is now faster then a quadcore pc i have over here, but that probably due to that the quad also has a slow(er) hdd in it, facts and comparisons aside, it so far (knock on wood), works as i hoped it would, and am very pleased with the results ,Just kinda had to stick up for my little purchase here.

Ps strayed a bit from the topic.

- de

@G Wijnsma

It is all cool as long as you are enjoying the little exploration.

- de

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The notebook runs XP 32-bit (Pentium M doesn't support the x64 instruction set). Unlike the Core 2 Duo XP systems, you don't have a choice.

Mine has a higher end configuration than most. 1.6GHz Pentium M (1.7 was the original top end processor before the 1.8-2GHz options came later; my 2005 production unit probably never seen it)/ ATI Radeon 9600 (32MB) (a little surprising since it came with such a good CPU)/512MB RAM (original)/Unknown original hard drive (Removed by the old owner)/CD-RW Combo drive.

Most of them aren't anywhere near as nicely configured, so that's why I'm looking at retrofitting a SSD in and bypassing the problems that will come with using old hard drives.

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Have a look above. I edited my answer. SSD with W10_x32bit

- de

Use an IDE SSD. I have a 64gb model in my NC8000. Works great. Tops out the ide bus at 130MBps. Cheap enough and no issues since Sept. When I installed it.

- de

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I know the article’s for a 32bit system, but it should still remain the same:

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Someone mentioned windows coming to a crawl after installing updates ? Don’t now mechanics behind it, but a trim should be done after an update installation , which i haven’t yet found a way to do like in a modern windows. But there is a function in ccleaner for it. Though bad for the drive i hear. So looking for better option still. For now, only option i know, and really necessary if you wanna be able to do something on the machine (unless you have zero other things that need to get done, may be). Leaving the pc idle, so it can do garbage collection, automatically does that, so not harmful for the drive, i would guess, but is slower, don’'t know how long that takes to have the thing back at full speed. So once in a while i do the more aggressive method, if i don’'t have a weeks (?) time to just let it sit (but that’'s me). Anyhow, after updates, something’'s gotta be done.

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