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La primera generación del Nissan Murano se presentó en forma de producción para el año modelo 2003 en el 2002 New York International Auto Show.

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What do I try next?

My 2006 murano is running like crap. Engine light is flashing, shudders, abs light is on and the gas mileage has dropped significantly.

Had the oil changed, new plugs answer coil pack on #3. Didn't help.

Update (01/24/2019)

I did. It still has misfire #3. The plug has oil on it after one day of use.

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Get the OBDII port scanned for any codes which may tell you what is going on.

I've read that in the USA, AutoZone will do this for free.

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There isn't any smoke... (yet). The car is still in the shop. So far, I've spent over $500 and now the mechanic says he is waiting on the gasket to come in. I'll keep you posted. Thank you.

To be continued. ....

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Do you get blue smoke from the exhaust as well?

Here’s a link that describes the possible causes for oil to be in the spark plug well.

Scroll down to the section headed Common reasons for this to happen:

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Well, the car is fixed. It was the valve cover gasket. It was an expensive gasket, $262.64 + $55.00 for the ring part, but it's fixed now. Thanks for your help.

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Thanks for the feedback.

Drive safe.


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