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Información de reparación del controlador de Nintendo 64, número de modelo NUS-005. Este controlador se lanzó en 1996 para usarse con la consola de juegos Nintendo 64.

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How do I remove the plug?

One of my controllers suddenly stopped working in the middle of a Mario cart race.

I finished the race with the other controller so the port is fine.

Buttons/joystick don't do anything and plugging into port 1 shows no controller detected.

Not sure how this could happen suddenly with no drops or yanks just dead.

Tried to test the wires in the cable and the white /middle wire seems to show no conntenuity.

How do I remove the plug though?

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Do you mean the wire? If so, it’s connected to the board by a 4-pin poke in connector on the back of the board. The only disassembly step required to access it is removing the back plate. If you do intend to replace it, you will need another controller to get a cable from, most likely.

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No I wanted to remove the plug from the wire or open it to check the internal wiring there.

I was wondering if there was a good method to do that without damaging it.

It looks like there is at least 1 maybe 3 tiny clips but my attempts so far have only started to damage the plastic.

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looking at mine it looks like the plastic on the plug end is fused together pretty well. I don't know that it's possible to disassemble it without damage.

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