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La segunda generación de Google Pixel XL tiene una pantalla P-OLED de 6 pulgadas con esquinas redondeadas. Disponible en configuraciones de almacenamiento de 64 y 128 GB, y en dos colores: solo negro y blanco y negro. Lanzado el 19 de octubre de 2017.

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Pixel 2XL display dying pixels.

I’ve had this new screen and digitizer applied to my Pixel 2 XL and not white lines are covering the right side of the screen completely. [See Images] Any suggestions on a fix?

Block Image

Block Image

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Is there any water damage to your phone? If not, please request a new screen as this seems like nothing but a broken part.

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I don't know, it's hasn't been near water recently but that can be a cause?

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where can i get new display for my pixel 2 xl

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How long since the screen and digitizer were replaced?

If not long ago (<30 days) and it was done by a reputable repair service, take it back and show them the problem. They should provide some sort of guarantee on their work.

It may be a faulty screen which is not their fault but they should still repair it again. They would want to know about it if they were getting faulty parts from their supplier.

If you did the repair yourself (or it was done by a friend), contact the supplier of the parts and ask them about getting a replacement screen and digitizer.

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It wasn't repaired by a service I did it myself at home and I made sure to be extra careful during install. I purchased it with the tool kit for fixing phones that ifixit has and I used a heat gun that I have at home. So you're saying since I did it myself I should contact ifixit and issue an RMA to get a replacement?

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Hi @lunaluvli ,

If you purchased the screen from ifixit, contact them about the problem

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