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Repair guides and support for the OnePlus 5T, an Android smartphone with a 6.01" AMOLED display. Released in November 2017. Successor to the OnePlus 5. Model number: A5010.

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Screen issues after replacing

I just replaced my broken screen with the new digitizer + frame.

Block Image

And got this issue. Please help me. Thank you.

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2 Respuestas

Do you need the data on your phone? If not, try to get into the bootloader and do a factory reset. Otherwise, connect you phone to the PC and use a program like OnePlus Switch to try and backup your data. It looks a bit to me like the proportions of the buttons aren’t completely right, which may have occured due to the LCD/Digitizer replacement.

If you have any more questions concerning this, just post a comment!

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Did you connect the screen correctly? Maybe the screen was already broken if you got it

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