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Ring Video Doorbell Modelo No. 88RG000FC100

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Why is my ring chime not connecting to my WiFi?

We have set up the Ring video doorbell and now have the ring chime to go with it. We have followed all instructions and looked up forums online but still unable to get the chime to connect. It finds our WiFi and the blue light pulses, as soon as it says they are connecting the blue light speeds up searching for networks and says set up has failed! I've reset the chime, reset the router, checked internet connection and not sure what I can do now! Please help?!

Thanks in advance

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I have a similar issue. When I had a router, it worked fine. Our building got Charter Guest Internet through Spectrum and now I cannot connect my Ring Chime or Ring indoor cameras. All other connections of WiFi products work without any problems.

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I am having almost the same problem, except my chime was working for several months then stopped connecting to the wi-fi. I have gone through the set-up process several times, including having the app forget device. Apparently it does not completely forget the device, because each time it will ask if I want to use the same wi-fi network as before. I even bought a new chine and installed it. The new one works fine in the old location, the app also asked if I wanted to use the same network for the new Chime. I have another doorbell on a different network, but that one has never had a chime installed, same app instance. Anyone have any new ideas.

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Chime won’t connect to my Xfinity wifi. Have reset the router, tried a Samsung 10 and an Ipad. Put device closer to the router and even tried using an extension cord and hanging next to the ring doorbell 2. Just won’t connect.

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Have no idea. Using an iPhone seemed to work for me. Wouldn't even attempt to connect using a Samsung (・o・)

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Its annoying af…

I have the same problems. When i want to connect it, it cannot be found.

When i reset the Chime (button on the side) , it is flashing very fast, not slow as in the instructions.

It’s a never ending story. Try to connect, fail, reset, try to connect….

I changed my Router Settings to 2,4 GHz = doesn’ t work.

I used different Channels ( also channel 10 like one of you said) = doesn’t work

I used 2 mobile phones and 1 tablet = doesn’t work

I tryed your suggestion to do all this near to the doorbell and my router = doesn’t work

Finnaly i called the Ring support, and what should i say. It was ridicolous. They only made a step by step set up with me. ( The standard set up showing in the app)

Does anybody have some other solutions?

Now all markets are closed because of the virus, the chime is sold out at, all markets here and the new ring chime isn’t available in germany.

Sorry for my english.

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Could not get it to connect to wifi through the auto process.

So I started a session just to connect the chime.

When my chime asked if should connect to the same SSID as the doorbell I told it not to. Then on the next screen, I selected the same SSID manually and filled in the password myself. I then connected in 10 seconds and started a firmware update. Far away from the router. Works well together now.

If your Ring Video Doorbell refuses to connect to Wi-Fi or you are not receiving notifications, there could be a problem with your Wi-Fi router channel or the router placement. See this Ring Video Doorbell Has Poor or No Wi-Fi Signal problem page for possible causes and solutions.

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Thanks, This worked as described using a Samsung 8. Ring should address this issue as it would appear to be a common problem from the above comments.

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This is what fixed it for me. What a faff.!!!

I spent AGES on this.

Happy (for) now though.

Thanks for posting

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That worked for me.. done in 10 seconds. Thanks.

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Had the same problem but this has fixed it. Thanks.

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I cant believe this actually worked. I'm happy and angry at the same time. Such a silly reason for it not to work. Thank you

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This would not work right away at all. Very frustrating. The doorbell installed fine. No go on the Chime Pro. For me I am using a mesh system that combines 2.4 and 5ghz channels automatically (Netgear Deco).

I read this thread: Why is my ring chime not connecting to my WiFi?

and then this article:

I added an old cheap 2.4 ghz router I have to my mesh router’s LAN output and bingo. It connected immediately to the dedicated 2.4 ghz channel. It then set up and installed its firmware update. After that update it connects to my mesh system just fine. I hope this helps.

I had called ring support and they did not think to tell me this about the dedicated 2.4 ghz channel. The Deco app does not allow you to separate the channels. Some mesh systems might… I hope this helps someone else wiht this problem!

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So, as suggested, I added the wifi name and password manually, rather than accept the ‘saved’ one, and this worked perfectly.

Many Thanks

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Excellent thank you. Wasted hours before seeing this

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