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Hewlett-Packard comenzó a fabricar computadoras portátiles personales en 1993.

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Dropped My laptop ...

I have accidentally dropped my laptop, and now it is not operational. What should i do to recover data? Please help me i have important photos in my laptop.

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Electronic gadgets such as hard drive can suffer physical damage due to drops and bumps. Dropping the hard drive is susceptible to data loss. You might hear some unusual noise like clicking or grinding noises from the device. It is a significant sign that your hard drive is physically damaged.

Once you know your hard drive suffers physical damage, make sure not to tamper with the hard drive, it may lead to a loss of data beyond the scope of recovery. In this condition, it is recommended to approach a reliable and trusted data recovery service providers like Stellar to recover your data.

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Hi @aaniya ,

What is the model number of the laptop?

Here’s a link that may be of some help

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just open the laptop and take hard desk , after that connect it to box hard its cheap, after that you can use it to connect it to another laptop and take your information.

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