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Finding a new screen to fit my Aspire 8930g

Hey all,

So I'm still using a Acer Aspire 8930 (I know it's ancient but anyway.)

The screen at the top has been bursted for about a year now, (all black stripes and spots across the top.. but I can still see and use half my screen for now.. Until dooms day arrives

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1 Respuesta

The original panel is out of manufacture, so you might need to find a broken unit for parts if you cannot source a compatible screen. The most important aspects are the physical dimensions, resolution, and connector types when looking for an alternative display to install.

I did find one listing on eBay for this laptop series, but make sure this panel has the same size, resolution, and connector type as yours before ordering anything. When i was browsing the discontinued listings, I saw there were a few variants of the panel used and they are mutually exclusive.

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