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Will not boot after hard drive upgrade

The microphone port on the motherboard snapped as I upgraded the hard drive. I closed up and tested the Powerbook afterwards, no boot, no chime, nothing. Everything else is as it was.

Is this socket essential to the notebook?

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I would take out the keyboard and double check that the plugs going from the topcase to the logic board are fully seated and that none of the pins have been missed. It's possible to press the larger main plug down in the wrong position such that only some of the pins are actually plugged into it, in which case it would make sense that nothing happens when you press the power button.

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Thanks, I'll have another look at the connections.

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the microphone connector should have no effect on whether the computer boots or not.

have you double checked all connections?

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Reinstall the driver (located in logic board CD system driver of that device because some driver and setting are lost in upgrading. (Might be OS in not fully Plug&Play system)

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