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XM Satellite Ready & SIRIUS Satellite Ready 5-Channel A/V Receiver featuring HDMI. There are multiple versions of this receiver and the differences are usually negligible. Depending on which receiver you have, some repairs may be performed differently.

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Why is my receiver not switching on

My receiver a pioneer vsx-rs319v won't switch on and the fuse has been changed, and there is power as it shocked me when I replaced the fuse

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i disconnected my pioneer receiver and switch it on back but its not coming on

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my pioneer receiver gets very hot and its not coming on back what could cause the problem

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@leonestwick ,

What is the model number of the receiver?

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hi jayeff the model is vsx rs320k

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Hi @macdee ,

Was the original fuse blown then?

The receiver may be in “protection mode” due to a fault condition.

With the power totally disconnected from the receiver, check that the speaker wiring to the receiver is OK and that there are no short circuits between the wiring connections at either end, speaker or receiver or even from the speaker cable wires at the receiver end to the case of the receiver.

With the power totally disconnected from the receiver, disconnect all the speaker cables from the receiver, reconnect the power to the receiver, switch on the power outlet (if this is the case where you are) and check if the receiver switches on OK.

If it still doesn’t switch on, there is a fault in the receiver itself.

Given that you gave yourself a shock when replacing the fuse, I am guessing that you haven’t got much experience in fault finding in mains powered electronic equipment and as hazardous, (even lethal) voltages may be involved when testing for the problem, I suggest that you contact a reputable, professional audio electronics repair service and ask for a quote to repair the receiver.

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Hi @leonestwick,

If it is not switching on and is getting hot initially the best thing to do is to disconnect the power from the receiver and open it up and check if there is any obvious damage such as burnt out components etc. If nothing is obvious then the various power supplies in the receiver need to be checked and then depending of what the results are, further testing would need to take place.

You will need to have a DMM (digital multimeter) and know how to use it as well as knowing how to read schematic diagrams.

To that end here’s a link to the service manual for the receiver. It has the schematic diagrams etc that will help you test the receiver voltages and the rest of the receiver.

To download the file, click on the reCAPTCHA checkbox below the Document preview box and then click on Go to Download. When the sentence below the Document preview box changes from This file is downloadable free of charge (5/day): ...processing... to This file is downloadable free of charge (5/day): Download (pioneer vsx-420-k vsx-rs320-k) click on Download as this is the link.

Be patient as it takes a little while to find the file.

The file specifies that you have to use this service manual as well in conjunction with the one above.It has to be downloaded the same way as the file above.

Unfortunately there is no simple fix on this one as most probably it will be down to a component level fault.

If this seems all too daunting, contact a reputable, professional electronics repair service, preferably experienced in audio receiver repairs and ask for a quote. It may be helpful if you mention that you know the location of the service manuals online if they state that they’re not familiar with your particular receiver. If they’re professionals they’ll be able to work out what the problem is with the help of the manuals

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The problem why is not switching on is the eeprom, im having the same problem, after replacing the eeprom when i put display ac cable for the screen it blows the eeprom again.

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