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The MSI GS63VR 7RF Stealth Pro is a gaming laptop made by the company MSI in 2017. This page includes repair guides for the GS63VR 7RF-252US-BB7770H16G1T0DX10MH. Model Number: MS-16K2.

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SSD replacement (Unsure of what ssd to purchase)

Hello, i am looking to replace my ssd in this same exact unit. The only issue is i am not sure of which ssd this has. Here is the one currently installed in the unit as i type (KINGSTON RBUSNS8180S3128GJ ) Can you guys maybe help me figure out what ssd to purchase so i can swap this one out for a new ssd with more storage?

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That's a standard M.2 (Type 2280) SSD so you should have lots of options. What size (GB) are you looking for?

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Great thanks. Im not sure of how many GBs u want. I just wanted to upgrade from this horrible 128gb. 256gb or the next size would be good

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Are you using both an SSD and a hard drive or just the SSD?

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Yes i have a m.2 ssd and a 1tb hdd installed. I wanted to upgrade both but was looking to upgrade the ssd first.

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I am considering to do the same.. Please update me about how easy it is to replace it if you'll do that yourself.. Because the tutorial here gave me some sleepless nights thinking about it

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Personally the SSD I’d go for is the WD Black NVMe. These are more or less SanDisk drives since WD owns SanDisk and they’re borrowing the tech so you’re dealing with a proven drive from SanDisk with a different label. This would be my first choice, especially because of how good the price is.

Samsung is also a good runner up as well, but I’m not as fond of them after the 840 Linux TRIM issues and the subsequent flash memory problems on the EVO drives. That being said, if you can get a good deal on the 970 PRO, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy one. If money is an issue, the 970 EVO is also an excellent drive, but with less warranty then the PRO.

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Thanks alot. When ever i hear about hard drives i automatically say Samsung (lol) mainly because of the fact of it being popular. Im mostly looking for quality over quantity. Thanks for your response, it really helped me out along with the other responses i received.

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Also as far as transferring data from 1 m.2 sata ssd to another, how would you do something like that? mind you the laptop only has 1 m.2 sata ssd slot

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You need an enclosure with either AHCI SATA or NVMe support, depending on what the laptop shipped with. It's a M.2 AHCI SATA from the factory judging from the drive key, so you'll probably need one of those. This enclosure will work for the AHCI SATA drives, but not the NVMe drives.

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