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Repair guides and troubleshooting for the EasyNote TJ65-CU-030GE, a 15.6" budget laptop by Packard Bell.

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My laptop won’t turn on

My loptop won’t turn on

when i press the power button, only a blue light light on and a black screen

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it shows that its on, but it does not display

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I have a same problem with my laptop too. It's a Packard Bell EasyNote TF71BM-C3DG. How can I fix it please?

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hi there i have another problem with my PACKARD BELL TJ75 at one point it will power on and after it loads the boot menu it automatically shots down

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Mine is a Packard Bell PC with a white light on top - model iMedia S2190 with a 1TB HDD so plenty of space (still!)....I thoguht it may be earth problem - np luck so purchased another PC same model to swap HDDs, Swapped - it worked for about 30 mins in total then reverted to the same issue/problem> White ,on?off, light blinking steadily nothing showing on screen(s) thught it might be the ram so cleaned on both PCs with a rubber but how do I know it is wokring or not and when is 'clean'!

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I had a problems with my packardbell PC tri 9030 after installing the hard drive, the power could not on again.

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Can you hear the or feel (place hand near exhaust vent on the underside of the laptop) if the fan is running at all?

If the fan is running try connecting an external monitor to the laptop's HDMI port and check if there is a display showing on it at all. Press Fn + F5 together to toggle through the display options of laptop only, external screen only and both on together.

Note: A TV can be used as an external monitor as long as it has HDMI inputs and that you have the appropriate HDMI cable to connect the laptop to the TV.

If the fan is not running try a power refresh and see if that resolves the problem:

Disconnect the charger from the laptop (if it is connected).

Remove the battery from the laptop . Here’s a link to the ifixit Packard Bell EasyNote TJ65-CU-030GE Battery Replacement guide that shows how to remove the battery.

Press and hold the laptop’s Power button for 30 seconds and then release the button.

Reconnect and switch on the charger to the laptop (leave the battery out at this stage)

Try to turn on the laptop.

If it turns on and there is a display allow the laptop to boot all the way to the Windows desktop.

Allow the HDD activity to settle and then turn off the laptop in the normal manner.

When the laptop has completely shutdown, switch off the charger and disconnect it from the laptop.

Reinsert the battery into the laptop.

Reconnect and switch on the charger to the laptop.

Try to turn on the laptop.

If it turns on and there is a display allow the laptop to boot all the way to the Windows desktop.

Allow the HDD activity to settle and the check the charge status of the battery.

If it is charging, allow it to fully charge before switching of and disconnecting the charger from the laptop.

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Hi @Peter Bailey

Bit confused.

Which PC now failed? The original or the new one?

Why did you swap HDDs?

Did the new PC work with its' HDD?

If it did but not with the your original one there may be a software problem.

What OS is installed?

Can you start the PC without the HDD connected?

Have you tried a power refresh? Most motherboards have a CMOS battery (usually coin cell but maybe in your case, not cannot even find a user manual for your model) See the procedure in the Most Helpful Answer above.

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A dead laptop is hard to diagnose but still, you can perform a series of test before you consider a service centre visit.

  • Check your Battery Health
  • Disconnect any External Devices Connected To Your Laptop
  • Remove and re-insert your Laptop RAM if your HP Laptop Won't Turn On.
  • Hard reset your laptop
  • Replace CMOS battery

See more( What to do If your Laptop refuses to turn on)

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I how do I turn on my packard bell easy note tj71 its charging i pres te button t the side it comes on for a fewsecconds

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