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The MSI GS63VR 7RF Stealth Pro is a gaming laptop made by the company MSI in 2017. This page includes repair guides for the GS63VR 7RF-252US-BB7770H16G1T0DX10MH. Model Number: MS-16K2.

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Why is my sound card not working?

I recently bougth the GS62 8RD. The sound was no longer working. I got in device management. There was an error on HD-audio. with the message: device does not start (code 10). I tried reinstalling the drivers, resetting my entire laptop. non of it worked. Does anyone have a clue what that i need to do next?

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There are 2 actions you can do for drive, first one is to go to the manufacturer’s site and down load the drivers and point to the down loaded drivers when updating drivers. The other action is to use device manager and delete the audio device, reboot then open device manager and click on Actions then select scan for Hardware Changes (this works best on Windows 10, this step forces Windows to get the latest driver). If updating the drivers does not help then check BIOS to see if an audio device is enabled.

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Thanks for your help. I tot into bios and there wasn't any audio device showing up. I think there is something Broken with the card itself. I will Bring it background tot thé retailer for repair. It is still under warranty so i think that is my best options right now.

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