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Apple AirPods son auriculares inalámbricos lanzados en diciembre de 2016.

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Where to buy replacement battery and logic board

Does anyone know where to buy a replacement board or battery for the charging case?

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apple replace battery for $49. I would probably take apple up on that as the repair/replacement of the battery is not for the faint hearted. If these are less than a year old they are covered by the warranty.

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I have already disassembled the case, and just need the parts to replace them with. More useful would be the logic board, as the device can function with a bad battery for longer than it can with a dead board

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So no one knows where to get a new board?

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Aaron is pretty right, it seems you can buy people's left or right second hand airpod, but finding the components is a probably not going to happen. The airpod is cheaper to buy than it would be a logic board because the repair is a nightmare of glue/sharp knives/heat and tiny, tiny bits that not many people are going to want to do...good luck in your quest.

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How does apple replace the battery then if they are so horribly designed?

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@albert8181 They simply don't. They just give you a new charging case and call it good. That is what I have heard anyways.

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@albert8181 No one supplies these boards because no one wants to or even can repair and replace anything inside these charging cases due to their terrible repairability. I scowered the internet and I couldn’t locate a Logic Board or battery anywhere. Just get a new charging case if you even want to use these AirPods you have.

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