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Device repair and troubleshooting guides for the Alienware 17 R2, an American computer made by Dell in 2015, but later discontinued. This product was specifically designed for gaming.

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Nvidia Graphics Card 970M NOT WORKING

The NVIDIA card isn’t working, I can tell it’s not a driver issue because I have tried every possible driver for the card, the computer’s system won’t even start since it crashes before getting to the password screen if the driver is enabled, however, when I disable it, the computer runs on the Intel one, I don’t know how to check on it, to see if there’s an issue that could be fixed, I don’t know if it can be replaced, I don’t know if it can be solved, and I really need it since After Effects runs properly on it, is there anyone that could possibly help?

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Was you able to solve the GPU issue?

I’m going trough the exact problem.

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No, I'm sorry, its 2020 now the thing is broken, replacing it might be the only answer, however there's no one in this country that I can actually know can do the job because there's no one from the manufacturer working in the country.

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Try using 372.70 or 372.90 because these are the only ones that have worked for me so far. These came from the Dell website. Remeber that the 970m was manufactured by Nvidia for Dell and this doesnt meant that other drivers from the Nvidia website will work. I'm still trying to figure out as I will love to run the latest drivers on my 970M. Maybe Dell have some source of lock on the integrated graphics card or so.

Definitely you're nt alone in this nightmare and there should be a fix. In order for the laptop to work you must us DDU Disay Driver Uninstaller and just leave the 3d card without a driver in order to use the laptop for regular use and not for gaming until you figure out the issue.

Last but not least you said that your GPU isdamaged but you will need to go to Dell website and run a hardware diagnostics or run it from your computer when it boots up. In my case the GPU passes all test. It's a software issue and not a hardware issue.

Good luck

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It may be that the nVidia GPU has failed (or maybe even the fan for the nVidia GPU has failed and therefore the GPU won't be used, so as to prevent damage occurring to the GPU due to it overheating -this is only a guess on my part as I don't know this for sure).

Try running the custom component test for the video card in the diagnostics program for your laptop and check the results.

If you think that the video card fan isn’t working, here’s a link to the service manual, which shows where the video card fan is located and how to access it. Scroll to p.90 to view the necessary pre-requisite steps and then the procedure to remove the video card fan.

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Currently I am dealing with similar and if you have bought that video card like I did 8 years ago you'd find out Eurocom offers these cards as upgrades but informs that you need their drivers to run it correctly.

Now the big issue I have is that these drivers were not kept up to date and are in fact no longer available on their website.

These drivers are "modded" and do not have "signatures".

I'm not sure who worked on these drivers or if there is a database for them but that is what you need to allow the card full function.

To install you'd need to go to advanced startup settings and change how Windows starts up, then disable driver signature enforcement.

I myself, am looking for newer drivers as mine are outdated and giving me issues.

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