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iPhone 7 Plus yellow tint on replaced display. on bottom right

I got scammed on exchange platform,I exchanged my op6+70$ for Iphone 7plus 128gb.

I didn’t notice the tint at that time(night time and I’m in a hurry) ,such a noob mistake. New to IOS device,noticed the tint on bottom right corner,removed tempered glass to make sure it’s not a stain.

Pressure spot on iPhone after screen replacement..

This problem seems similar,Is it same problem /faulty screen ?. I have a bit of experience in repairing mobiles myself(changed screens and such).


Any help is highly appreciated. thanks

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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I don’t know whether it’s a replaced screen or not.


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It looks like a yellow stain and I suspect that it is caused by a defective or poorly manufactured screen. If you want to be certain, remove the two bottom pentalobe screws and lift the screen to remove any possible pressure points. If the Yellow remains, then you have a bad screen. If the yellow disappears, then something is applying pressure from below the screen.

Either way, look at this guide to help you through the process.

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