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A crossover SUV by Honda, introduced in 2002 for the model year 2003, the first generation was produced until 2007.

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Honda Pilot mass air pressure sensor? How to clean it?

Is there mass air pressure sensor on 2007 Honda Pilot? If yes how to clean it? Any recommendations for better mpg.

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Depending on the year/engine of your vehicle, your car will have either a Mass Airflow Sensor (MAF), or a Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor (MAP). They make a specific aerosol cleaner to clean a Mass Airflow Sensors that is available at any auto parts store. Be very careful when cleaning these sensors and do not use chemicals other than the MAF Cleaner, or you risk damaging the sensing element. Just remove the sensor (Do this with the key off or you’ll set a code) and spray the little thin wire with the cleaner. You shouldn’t need to do any more than that to clean it. Hope this was helpful!

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My vehicle is 2007 Honda Pilot, I couldn’t find any video about that. Previously my mpg was 20-24 mixed. Recently it is always 15 including highway. Is it easy to reach those sensors?


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