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XM Satellite Ready & SIRIUS Satellite Ready 5-Channel A/V Receiver featuring HDMI. There are multiple versions of this receiver and the differences are usually negligible. Depending on which receiver you have, some repairs may be performed differently.

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Is there a way to use this with modern iDevices?

I’ve had this receiver for a few years and for a while, I’ve always used an Aux cord because I keep getting an Error I1 error with my modern iPod (Touch 5G 32GB). However, what I have found is I can use a workaround to get it to register more frequently (albeit without track name output). This isn’t working as often as I’d like and I am generally having pretty bad luck with this workaround recently. This even happens when I switch it directly into iPod Direct mode since my remote (Harmony 650; never got the OEM remote) supports this option.

I am trying to see what the problem is. From what I can tell it may be a software problem. The receiver is from 2005 (although mine was manufactured in 2008) and it’s surprising since my iPod is from 2012 and the age differential between the iPod and receiver is so minor. I’d expect problems with a modern iPod like the Touch 6G or even a iPhone SE but not a 5G touch that’s only 5 years off. However, referencing the manuals (which didn’t get lost) say it only supports the iPod and Nano (5G+) BUT mentions others are also known to work but isn’t guaranteed. I suspect it may use the 2005 software (or slightly newer software that only patches problems and doesn’t add support for these newer iPods).

However, my Lighting cable has one side with the common missing pin problem but the other side of my cable is fine. I don’t use the bad side of this cable so it’s likely unrelated to my cable. I'm not buying a gas station cable just to test if the cable is bad.

Outside of the (minor) possibility my cable is bad is there a possibility it’s a software fault on my receiver being too old for the modern Touch (5G+)?

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Using the aux input should work across any analog output from a iPod using the base or adapter cable. It won't show the songs name or track on your receiver if yours has a way to gain that with the older iPod.

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That function barely works on newer iPods anyway. If I have REM on and switch songs, it tends to keep the original track name or display LOADING the whole time. Even if I change what's playing.

In other cases it produces garbage or nothing.

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I have an Onkyo stereo and I've not had any problems with either of my iPods.

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The Pioneer is a needs repair hand-me-down. While I don't guarantee the results of my fix (for obvious reasons) I covered my repair in a iFixit guide.

My fix involved contact cleaner and no parts and it did work for me (and has been fine since I made that guide with no new problems), but since I knew the previous owner I also knew the odds (which I can't say unless I see it).

I may need to hold out for a solution but if I can't I will need to wait for a newer fix-up unit. Knowing how Apple loves to prematurely deem something obsolete I wouldn't be surprised if there's not much I can do. I figured I'd have better odds with mine since it's a 2008 run.

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@nick if the aux port works etc. just get a Bluetooth to Aux receiver module (I know Best Buy etc. sell those for around $30USD) That way you do not have to mess with cables, OS, Firmware issues and can upgrade/change to whatever bluetooth device you want.

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The aux port works, but I need to move the cable in the right position so I may need one of those as well. I've opened it and tightened the screws on the board, but I need to try multiple cables to see if that's fixed. Walmart sells that BT transmitter for $5.

It's just frustrating how the old iPod interface software doesn't work well as new devices come out. It doesn't surprise me one bit but it should be standard enough to be compatible with future devices.

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You know this "should all be standard enough to be compatible with future devices" is not going to happemn. They'd be losing money by creating compatibility. Not happening. I use a bluetooth adapter for most of my older stuff and have no issues with any version iPod/ Ipad or iPhone and multiple Android devices, for as long as they support Bluetooth. No wires to get in the way makes it all look neater as well.

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The problem persists with a brand new MFi cable (I needed it anyway). It's something with the receiver's firmware (or the iPod) since I'm still getting Error I1. I'll need one of those receivers.

While I had little hope this will work, I'm telling you as an FYI if you ever see this question come up again. iOS 8.4 (12H143) with a 2015051300 trust store do not work well with old equipment from the 30-pin era.

I did try another iPod (same model but I can't check the iOS version since the password is long gone). It worked 1 of 3 times but crashed with the same error the 2nd time and quit after #3. However, it did provide an error: This accessory is not supported by this iPod Touch. This pretty much confirms the theory my receiver is too old.

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