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The Visual Land Prestige 10 is an internet enabled tablet made by Visual Land INC. This device page and subsequent repair guides will show you how to remove and replace the devices components.

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It was stepped on the screen isnt physically cracked but digitally is

So my tablet was accident my stepped on and now the screen.. Its not physically cracked but the screen is half black and the other has lines across it like rainbow colored..and its flickering in and out. What can I do is it salvageable?

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It is possible to fix, but it is a real pain… Here is the guide on how to do it.

Visual Land Prestige 10 LCD Display Replacement

After a quick search, it looks like you can purcase the LCD for between $30 and $60 USD on Ebay, but the repair itself takes some patince and a little know-how. You could also contact local repair shops to see what they would charge to repair a tablet such as this. Cheers!

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