How to update software

How can I update the software on my db t20 device?

My Samsung s8+ was working just fine until my cell phone recently updated.

Now I believe my projector is not up to date with my cellphone.

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Can you connect your phone to another device such as a TV, via a USB-C to HDMI adapter to prove that the problem is with the projector and not the phone?

Apologies if you've already done this but you didn't specify whether you had or not. ;-)

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I am able to connect the projector to other devices. It used to work with my cellphone. It's just since my s8+ updated itself, it hasn't been compatible. Wondering if I can find a software update for the t20 that may make it compatible again.

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OK, but does your phone work with other devices when you want to extend the phone's screen to a display/projector/monitor?

Again just trying to prove if the phone still has this working after the update, you didn't say. You just said that the projector still works with other devices not that the phone still works this way with other devices besides the projector.

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my usb is not working

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