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The CASIO CDP-230R was released in 2013 and is preloaded with over 150 songs. Main unit is black or silver and may come with a stand.

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6,3mm jack stick, stuck inside socket

Situation is such: I accidentaly kicked the plugged in jack stick and it broke off the tip of the stick deep inside the socket. I am unable to get it out and since the keyboard thinks there is a headset plugged in, the speakers are silent.

Solutions already tried and tested:

  • Glue on the end of a stick
  • Glue inside q-tip
  • Yelling at it

I took apart the keyboards front panel, but the jack stick socket is still unaccessible (see photos).

Block Image

Block Image

Any ideas? Current solutions include: Drilling a small hole in the back of the socket or sending it to a professional (not the iFixit spirit).

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Hi @nikolajskov ,

Can’t you unscrew the circuit board and move the board far enough so that you can access the underside of the headphone jack and then unsolder it from the board? There appears to be only 7 screws holding the board down.

Getting a replacement headphone socket may be the problem, although with it removed you may have better access to it and perhaps you can free the piece lodged inside..

Just a thought.

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