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La segunda generación del iPad con modelos Wi-Fi, GSM y CDMA. Algunos modelos se actualizaron antes del iPad 3. La reparación es difícil y requiere calor y palanca.

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How to unlock iPad 2

I traded some items for a iPad from this guy ,but the iPad needs a 4 digit pin , and he won’t answer my calls and will not give me the pin. I exposed him for trading a cracked screen and locked ipad2 . But he won’t return my calls or text messages . What can I do when the 4 digit pin come on ? What are my choices to make use of this ipad2

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You will need to restore system to factory defaults. You need a PC and an original or certified Mfi data/power cable, put the iPad into restore/DFU mode and download the needed software with iTunes, which will guide you through the entire process. However, if the iPad is also iCloud locked, you won’t be allowed to pass activation without the account password. Cross your fingers and try.

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As you say, you have no access to get the device passcode, let alone Apple ID and password. So iTunes and iCloud both do not work for you. If your ipad is running ios 8 to ios 10.1, maybe you can try to unlock it with Siri, but this method is complex and not always successful. The fastest way to solve the problem is turning to the third-party software, I used an ipad unlocker named joyoshare ipasscode unlocker and you can have a try.

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Put it into recovery mode, and restore it with iTunes. To enter recovery mode, power off your device. Then, while holding down the home button, plug it into your computer. Keep holding it down until the Recovery Mode screen comes up.

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