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2 little stickers included in white conversion kit, what are they for?

Hi everyone,

Today I've received my iPhone 4 white conversion kit. It also came with 2 little, shiny stickers. Does anybody know what they are for? The seller cannot help me out with this one. According to their supplier, the stickers are very important. Important for what, I might ask?

Thank you,


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I have no idea, can you please post a picture of the stickers?

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Y must put them on the proximity sensor.


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would you give a link to that answer?

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Don't have a link , lost many time too know why my proximity sensor don't work on my white conversion, and don't remenber where but i find this idee and it's work perfectly !

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tested on transparency conversion working too

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Thank you very much! Now I know what they are for. I couldn't find it anywhere on the Internet.

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