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Screen goes black after 2 minutes

My screen goes black after a couple of minutes and only goes ‘normal’ when I plug it in to charge. I can’t use the home or on/ off buttons because they are broken. I use assistive touch to get around the buttons issue normally but of course I can’t see it when the screen is black.

I have restored the phone to factory settings through iTunes on my pc. The reset worked fine but black screen persists.

How can I repair this?

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When you insert the charger, that should prompt the screen to wake up. If the phone has booted and is in normal mode then insert/withdraw the charger and the screen will light up and be normal.

My guess is that your phone is NOT booting normally—-the normal presentation of a phone that is autobooting to DFU mode is that it has a blank image. Does iTunes recognize your phone in recovery mode or normal mode?

One thing you could try is just reseating the battery which is pretty easy to do in an iPhone 4—-unscrew the bottom screws, slide up the back cover, and then unscrew the battery, lift it out and put it back. (Follow a guide on iFixit for pictures)

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Thanks for this Jessa. Inserting charger is the only way the phone wakes up. Inconvenient to do every time I want to use the phone.

Don't know what DFU is. Phone recognised by itunes in normal mode.

I restored it twice: once from backup, once to factory settings.

Thanks for the reseating battery suggestion. I have the special screwdriver in storage so will try that when I can find it.

Any other suggestions how I might 'cure' this (without buying another phone...) Thanks.

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The majority of the value of an iPhone is in the logic board. Your logic board is fine. I would suggest that you consider the housing itself an affordable replacement part and transfer your logic board into one of the zillions of iPhone 4 housings that are all over the world. You have the thing that everyone needs---a working board. You should easily be able to find a donor housing.

If your housing is heavily customized and special to you, then it is time to do repair. Buy a new home button--or power flex and get busy. You could get the part and go to a local cell phone repair shop and ask for the person who has worked there the longest. Part of them will smile with nostalgia for a chance to take apart the good old iPhone 4. It is a tough case to learn on since you have to dissect it down to the bones to do a home button job.

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